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Bliss in a Cup

Steeped's Bliss in a Cup

Drinking tea is an excellent, and tasty, way to engage ourselves with the healing powers of plants on a daily basis. Plants help support all of our body systems. 

In addition to being able to order pre-made tea blends from the Steepted Tea Catalog, the Scenter now has a variety of dried herbs and loose leaf teas available so you can customize your Cup of Bliss to your tastes and needs. 

Sipping tea has a very long and rich history and I want to help you incorporate premium teas into your daily living. Here are just a few ways you can do that:

• drinking tea

• cooking with tea

• making salad dressings with tea

• marinating your foods with tea

• infusing your wine with tea

• bathing in tea

• infusing tea into a carrier oil

• making personal care products with tea or tea infusions

Look at how many fun and easy ways it is to incorporate the health benefits of tea into your daily living! Check out some of these recipes to give you some inspiration.

Why not host a ParTEA with me so you can share the fun and benefits with your friends? You get to enjoy time with a group of your friends, learning something new, tasting some awesome teas AND have the opportuniTEA to earn lots of free stuff!

If you don't have the space, or don't want to host a ParTEA at your home but you still want the freebies, the fun and the opportuniTEA, you're welcome to host your ParTEA here at the Scenter. Book a Friday evening, a Saturday or a Sunday. Maybe a Tipsy Tea parTEA on Friday or Saturday or enjoy some SpiritualiTEA on Sunday.

Give me a call, a text or an email and let's get your ParTEA planning started!

Cheers to simpliciTEA,
Michelle Chesney