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Michelle Chesney

Michelle R. Chesney
Certified Practitioner of Reflexology and Hypnotherapy

I am a Certified Reflexologist with 150 hours of training from Guardian Massage School; a school with over 20 years of experience, a Hypnotherapist, certified through the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA) and am currently enrolled in the Clinical Aromatherapy Certification course through Aromatic Studies (formerly The East-West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies) as well as Formula Botanica's Organic Skincare Formulation classes.

I recently completed the CARE Intensive classes which consisted of Emotional Release with Essential Oils, Applied VitaFlex, Essential Oil Chemistry, Healing Oils of the Bible and Raindrop I and II. 

As a reflexologist and hypnotherapist, I assist my clients in achieving relaxation, through stimulation, so their bodies can get to work on healing itself of any imbalances. It is said that stress is responsible for nearly 90% of all lifestyle diseases. Let me reiterate that: Nearly 90% of ALL lifestyle dis-eases (obesity, high blood pressure, digestive issues to name a few) are caused by stress! With my hands on your feet, I'll help you kick stress to the curb

Reflexology is a treat for your feet with benefits from your toes to your nose!

I also have certification in Basic NLP, taught by Richard Bandler along with John and Kathleen LaValle. Additionally, I have some training with Metabolic Typing and Nutrition.

I have a great passion for essential oils and their enormous benefits. As a hobby, and as an organic formulating student, I enjoy making my own lotions, creams, salves, lip balms etc. I LOVE the reward of making something that is pure, safe and beneficial for my skin.

If I'm going to put it on my skin, I want to KNOW that it also has healthful benefits. For those reasons, I use NYR Organics (0028163) products and I use almost exclusively Young Living Essential Oils (1333705) for their purity, their therapeutic and their medicinal qualities.