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The last year has been a series of unfortunate events dealing with my knee that needs major surgery, chronic sinus issues and most recently tearing my posterior tibial tendon. A friend of mine who knew my frustration and owns a gym had gone to see Michelle for reflexology and had issues with plantar fasciitis immediately improved. I doubted it would be of any help due to the severity of my issues but I went and not only did the reflexology feel like heaven, I had a huge decrease in swelling and less pain the day after. I will be coming 1-2x a week to continue reaping these awesome benefits. Best decision ever!

Elisa, 33, Dearborn

Michelle was great and the amount of pressure was perfect.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.  Before I left I made an appointment for my mother.

Claire B

I wanted to let you know how much healing came from only one appointment. As the day went on, I felt more energized. As for digestive issues, they were still around. By Tuesday, I realized, I hadn't had any issues with food. I suddenly realized, I was eating and not feeling like crap, afterwards. As of today, I have yet to experience an issue. I even tried a few foods I hadn't eaten in years and they went down just fine. So, thank you very much!

I believe my neighbor, Bob came to see you, yesterday. My mom is going to call to ask a few things and I believe my mother-in-law, Mary Ann is going to be visiting also! Yes, I've been telling everyone about you!

Michele Y

I was given the opportunity to experience a foot reflexology session with Michelle Chesney.  Since I was not familiar with the concept and benefits of reflexology, Michelle began the session by graciously educating me on the history and theories of this ancient art.

During my one-hour session, Michelle was very relaxed which was immediately transferred to me.  She was gentle, kind and attentive. If there was a tender spot on my foot, she purposely spent more time on that spot and explained what area of my body corresponded to that particular reflexology point. 

It is obvious Michelle enjoys and believes in her new profession and appears to have an in depth understanding of reflexology. Most importantly her “bedside manner” was superb. Her professionalism and sensitivity gave me the confidence to trust her enabling me to appreciate and enjoy the session.

Beverly S

I met Michelle at a presentation on reflexology that she was giving. At the Q &A part of the presentation I asked if reflexology could help digestive problems, she said yes. So I scheduled a 40 min. appointment the following week. 

On my first visit I was amazed at how Michelle was so thorough and was able to find the problem areas and worked on them.  After just one treatment, to my surprise, I didn't wake up with that gnawing pain in my stomach that I have had to live with for about one year. 

I must say Michelle and reflexology has made a believer out of me. Everyone should give their body the gift of reflexology!!!

Debbie B

I'm doing pretty good [since our reflexology session]. I seem to be sleeping better, my back and hips have not been bothering me as much.  I plan to schedule another appointment with you

Bev G

Hi Michelle,
I thoroughly enjoyed the raindrop session last evening.  As I mentioned to you, I came home got into my PJ's and relaxed the rest of the evening.  Had a great nights sleep and felt very relaxed all day.  I will definitely consider another session.

On another note, the Lavender and Thieves helped with my headache. Thanks for your help.

Beverly G

Michelle is fabulous and very informative when explaining the foot message and body parts it affects. She also uses aromatherapy to help stimulate the senses. I definitely purchased additional visits and can't wait! My feet and body are thanking me. (Groupon Customer Feedback)

It was great, just what I needed! Michelle ran on time, she was very nice and took time to educate me on a few of my trouble areas. Thanks Michelle!!! (Groupon Customer Feedback)

This was a wonderful experience. You will walk out on a cloud of relaxation (Groupon Customer Feedback)

Michelle did a fantastic job with reflexology. I would highly recommend her. (Groupon Customer Feedback)

I felt very relaxed when I left your massage and the toe that was bothering me so much had a lot more flexibility.  Overall I felt as though I had an uplift to my well being.  Job well done!  Thank you!

Robbin M

Great relaxing experience. I purchased a package. Maria is a wonderful therapist. (Groupon Customer Feedback)

This was my first time have reflexology done, and it was VERY relaxing and felt great!! Michelle made me feel very welcome and relaxed.....future booking will be made by me and my husband. He couldn't stop talking about how great his feet were still feeling at bedtime!! (Groupon Customer Feedback)