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Benefits of ERT

Benefits of Emotional Release with Essential Oils

What is Emotional Release Therapy?
Emotional Release Therapy with Essential Oils is a technique that uses the application of essential oils, affirmations, and energy work to facilitate the body to let go of unhealthy or unwanted emotional patterns. 

  • Indications for someone to receive Emotional Release Therapy:
  • Find yourself stuck in a pattern; Repeating unhealthy behavior
  • Stagnant Energy (finding it hard to move forward/progress)
  • Harmful Energy (depression, anger, anxiety, etc.)
  • Sick of feeling a certain way (sad, angry, scared etc.) and ready to change
  • Fallen into ‘Victim’ pattern
  • Experienced traumatic event/period of time

How does the body create these unhealthy emotional patterns?
The body records and catalogs every experience or memory within its cells. This is called cellular memory. Some memories can be inherited from the cells that made you (mother/father). This may explain why common fears or tendencies run-in-the-family, originally stemming from one person’s experience being cataloged generations back.

Helping to catalog these events, we each have an ego-self. Here the ego is a good thing. When balanced, it keeps us safe, aligning with its role of self-preservation. The ego helps us respond based on past experiences. Its response is quick, no thinking, and mainly reaction.  We can see ourselves like computers, with the ego collecting our data and then programming it into our hard drive. Once programmed, we are left with an emotional pattern. Our programming can be and should be updated as we mature, grow and gather better tools, allowing us to achieve greater consciousness.

In order to grow and update our program, we have to learn the lesson and wisdom in the pattern. When we do not learn the lesson from the experience or pattern, it will continue to present itself until we are able to do so. Once we can see a better way, and learn the wisdom in the lesson – we can move forward again, with a new updated version. For example as a child we learn about crossing the road in stages. First we hear, "don’t cross the road, it’s unsafe." Then, "you can only cross the road if you hold my hand." Then, "you can cross the road but you need to look both ways."  Without an update you would be left believing you could never cross the road!

When we experience emotional trauma or stress, the body too has a physical response. The Sympathetic nervous system goes into overdrive, leading to the production of excess cortisol from adrenal glands. This excess cortisol with noradrenaline creates acid in the body. The acid stimulates an enzyme, Transcript Tate, which literally blue-prints the emotion and experience into the DNA of your cells. This is called cellular memory imprinting. So you can see how Emotional Patterns are fear based survival responses.

Breaking it down Simply:
1.) Emotions are energy and they hold a frequency and charge. When you experience something, the energy from the emotion enters your body through chakras and is fed into the meridian system. If it is not fully processed (and in trauma it often isn’t) then it will not release from the body, and instead settle in an area with a corresponding frequency (ex. Anger: Liver).

2.) The memory of the trauma gets stored in the Limbic System of the brain (Seat of emotions).
3.) The Mind (ego) creates a “belief” and attaches it to the emotional memory again in the Limbic system.
4.) The emotional response then gets stored in cellular memory throughout the body and now becomes automatic. 

How do Essential Oils work to facilitate an emotional release?
Essential oils hold their own vibrational frequency capable of effecting your energetic field and meridian pathways. There are alarm points on our bodies that are similar to acupressure points that correspond with particular meridians, organs and glands. Essential oils are applied to the alarm points allowing the frequency to shift the body’s current harmful vibration, to a higher/healthier one. The scent of the oil also travels to the Limbic system, where trauma and memory are stored. The limbic system responds only to the sense of smell, therefore allowing memories to come forth and be released by the oil. 

Benefits of Emotional Release Therapy with Essential Oils

In this session, you are given the chance to bring attention to your physical body, allow yourself to experience the emotion you wish to no longer carry, and let it leave you. Then guided, you invite a healthier positive emotion into your space, feeling it and owning this instead.

The cellular level of your body will be shifted by the oils to a healthier programming.

You will leave with new tools to better face events that once triggered your unwanted emotional pattern.

What to expect from a typical Emotional Release Therapy Session?
We begin your session by talking together to identify a pattern or emotion that you are hoping to address. Once we have identified an emotional pattern whether chronic or acute, we would begin the process. During the process, we apply oils on various alarm points, use the power of your emotion, and affirmations . You may find that you release pieces, and other times chunks and even whole stories. Your body will release what it is ready to release.  It's like peeling an onion.  Each layer released brings you closer to your authentic self.  This procedure can be continued at home to further reach your peace.